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Dana Martelli

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Personal Trainer

While most gym goers know him as “TC”, PA Fitness’ oldest trainer formally answers to the name, Thomas A. Curtis. At the age of 64, TC relies on his experience and physical stamina to teach his class, “Abs with TC” and work out with his gym friends.

To TC, age is only a number. Being 64-years-young is a testament to his lifelong dedication to physical fitness. TC spent his early years playing football in high school and Cleveland State University. He later became an amateur body builder for five health clubs: Vic Tanny’s, Scandinavian, Bally’s, and Red Fitness.

Over the years, TC has learned that staying physically fit is the key to health and happiness. He envisions exercise being “the medicine of the future” and says that working out teaches discipline, respect, and loyalty. As he remains dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals, TC has a positive and upbeat attitude and believes that everyone can achieve their dreams.

In his free time, TC enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his family and friends.

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